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Unleash Client Loyalty

You want your customers to think of you—not anyone else—when they have a car problem or concern.

And becoming their go-to auto expert takes time. You need to build trust and rapport.

We help you do just that. Through monthly enewsletters, as well as ongoing service reminders, we establish that you’re their go-to auto experts.

Our emails are custom-created for your shop. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter marketing. You choose which emails to send, how they look and what they say. Notify your clients when they’re due for oil changes, preventive maintenance and more. Wish them a happy birthday, or reward them for their loyalty. You make the choices. We take care of the rest.

Case studies show that you get more bang for your buck when you choose Jumpdog. Plus, you get hands-on, personalized attention that our corporate competitors can’t compete with.

Learn more today by emailing us or call 773-313-0755 Ext. 118.

See examples of our Alphadog program at work.

See examples of all of our marketing campaigns.

We take our social responsibility seriously.

When you choose Jumpdog, we’ll make a donation to spay/neuter one homeless pet. Find out more.