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1. Money talks.

      Clients who receive emails from your auto repair shop will spend twice as much per visit, per year and in their lifetime than those who don’t.


2. Double your results.

    Auto repair clients read and respond to emails TWICE as much as they do printed postcards and letters.

3. Gain a competitive edge.

    Interact with your clients in ways that fit their lifestyles. They want useful, helpful emails and text messages that they can read, save and respond to easily. They don’t want one-dimensional, generic postcards that get lost in a pile of mail.

4. Always be on time.

    Trying to schedule reminder postcards is part art, part science and half luck. With emails and texts, your message always hits your client’s in box and phone at the right time.

5. Score bonus points.

    Your clients will applaud you for going green and saving trees. This also presents an ideal way to ask for email addresses. Just be forewarned your postal carrier may not share the same level of enthusiasm.

6. Change your mind at any time.

    You can always revise emails and text messages, the promotional offers, the design, the time of day they are received.

7. Track your success.

    With emails and texts, you know quickly which marketing campaigns are working for your auto repair shop—and which ones need to be revised. Your ROI options far surpass printed reminders and newsletters.


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