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We are so confident in our abilities that we guarantee
a 200 percent ROI when you work with us.

How many other marketers are willing to put skin in the game?



You don’t have to have the big budgets of the cola companies and car makers to have effective and inspired marketing. With Jumpdog, you  can market your business like the big dogs.



We are your marketing partner, hell bent on creating practical, tangible campaigns that do one thing — work. With Jumpdog, you gain the benefits of an in-house marketing team but with more expertise and at a lower cost.



We know our marketing programs work because they have been proven in the trenches of real small businesses. We hit the ground running to help you generate more calls, more clients and make more money.

Are You Ready for a Marketing Makeover?

Stop wasting good money on bad marketing and hire the marketing team that will grow your business. We guarantee it.

Our Latest Project

A mobile-friendly website is a MUST in the fight for a top spot in today's search engine results. For one client, this meant revamping their 5-year-old web site, which had been a solid performer but was ready for an update.

In the first month after the new site launched, searched engine rankings climbed even higher and the number of visits jumped 25 percent.

What Jumpdog Can Do For You

Marketing Makeover

How's business today? Where do you want it to be in 12 months? We'll do a deep dive into your business to determine what's working, what's not and what should be done to drive more calls, attract more clients and help you make more money.

Attract New Clients

We help you retrieve quality new clients with appealing, action-oriented campaigns that tell your story and give your prospects a compelling reason to choose you over the competition.

Keep Your Loyal Clients

You want your customers to think of you—not anyone else when they need your services. Becoming their go-to expert takes time. You need to build trust & rapport. We help you do just that.

Win Back Former Clients

Like everyone, your clients are being pulled in a number of directions all at once. They may stop doing business with you for reasons that have nothing to do with you. That's why we proactively reach out to inactive clients and invite them back.

What our clients are saying...

"As a small business owner, it can be difficult to find a marketing company who shares your vision and is willing to put in the work to drive that vision forward.

Since we first started working with Angi of Jumpdog Marketing, it was clear that her experience in the service industry and her tech & marketing skills would help push our vision to the next level. There are so many aspects of our partnership that I have been blown away by. From the very first meeting, I was confident that Jumpdog understood my marketing needs and prioritized them accordingly. Even better - it was done within our marketing budget.

"ngi and her team have taken the time to gain valuable knowledge about our industry, and that truly shows in the custom content they have created for our new website, monthly eNewsletters and across all social media platforms.  

The best part of working with Jumpdog is that Angi lets you know that she is there to help you and your business, no pressure, no sales gimmicks for extra services. She uses her invaluable expertise and delivers her opinion in a professional organized manor and at a fair cost.

I would hands down recommend Jumpdog Marketing to any business because I know that the same thoroughness and dedication would be applied to anyone they work with!"

James Neal
Rainbow International of Northern Cook & Lake Counties

"The experts at Jumpdog Marketing are gifted, dedicated, creative, and, above all, effective. They bring an extraordinary palette of uniquely personalized marketing tools to bear that will help you grow your business. I heartily recommend them to any service business seeking serious professional marketing expertise." —R. DALE LEIGH, Management Consultant, Power Solutions Group, Inc.


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